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Independent Artist and Producer

"Bet It All On The Cow, All I Do Is Win."

"Dreams Really Do Come True."

Management: Dj Chilly Chill


"Seasons Change." EP is now streaming on all platforms!

Album: Seasons Change II coming summer 2023!!

Image by Marcela Laskoski

   About KingBrownCow

                                From The bottom To The Top.

KingBrownCow is a Birdhouse hip-hop artist who is passionate about music and sports. His style is deeply rooted in the Dirty South and classic New York hip-hop, however, his sound is unique and diverse. He started his career as an underground freestyler at a young age and has been making music since 2009. He is a proud father to his daughter and always places family first. He was born and raised in Tennessee, but currently living at the top of the Hill in Kentucky.  KingBrownCow cares deeply about mental health and community growth. His music is deeply personal and reflective of his life, which makes it an experience you won’t want to miss. Bet it all on the Cow.

Music Equipment


Introducing KingBrownCow, the premier Hip-Hop Artist offering professional mixing and mastering, song writing, collaborations, features, and music reviewing services. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, KingBrownCow is sure to give you the perfect blend of creative edge and studio finesse.

Mixing & Mastering

My team provides high quality mixing and mastering services to give your track the professional sound it deserves. We have extensive experience in multiple DAWs and as a current students in music business and producing, we have the knowledge and skills to give your track that industry standard sound.

Song Writing

I am a BMI registered song writer with years of experience in the hip-hop industry and underground. I have transitioned from freestyling to song writing, allowing me to bring a unique flavor to your music. I am dedicated to providing quality lyrics and melodies that will help your songs stand out.

Collaboration & Features

I am an experienced Hip-Hop artist, offering song collaboration and features. I have previously collaborated with artists from a variety of genres throughout the music industry, including punk, pop, afro beat, and R&B, to create original pieces of work. Let me help you take your music to the next level by providing my talents and experience to your project.



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